Windows Treatments

Windows invite nature into your home, bring in loads of sunshine, and are portals to the outside world. When well kept and clean, windows add a touch of tasteful elegance to your home, creating a pleasant and hospitable atmosphere.

At the office, windows are a direct reflection of your business culture. When windows are attractive and immaculately kept, you make a huge impression on your clients and visitors.

Cleaning Experts

Cleaning and maintaining your own windows and window furnishings is a big job. It can be tedious and time consuming and sometimes exceeding your abilities. Since Sunbird Cleaning Services are the experts in all things cleaning, we would be happy to help you take care of your window cleaning needs.

Using advanced equipment and materials, we will provide you with all of the best quality window services you require including:

  • Window cleaning
  • Custom window treatment
  • Servicing blinds and shutters
  • Cleaning drapes and curtains
  • Shades
  • Restringing and re-chording

Window Furnishings

Window furnishings come in a variety of materials such as wood, vinyl, metal, natural fibers, synthetic fibers, and others. Our expert technicians will provide your furnishings with the best cleaning solution by selecting the best cleaning procedures for each particular type of material.

To begin the window treatment Sunbird Cleaning Services will send representatives to your home. They will carefully remove all of your windows' furnishings and drapes and bring them to our plant.Once there, they will be treated and serviced with meticulous care. Once finished, our representatives will return and reinstall them at no extra charge.

Occasionally drapes may be cleaned where they hang. In these cases, we employ either a low moisture hot water extraction method or a dry cleaning process for safely cleaning the most delicate fabrics. Alternatively, we can administer a "drapery dust down", thereby removing contaminants and odors, leaving your drapes immaculately fresh and clean.

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